How to purchase


If you are interested in purchasing an image, do the following:

- Find the image(s) you want to buy and note the file name of the image(s).

- The file name is found by clicking the "Info button" found when clicking on a thumbnail.

- Send an e-mail to jnproduction@bredband.net with the name of the image(s) you want to buy.

- When the image(s) have been paid, I will make them available for download.

- A downloadable image in high resolution (300 dpi, JPG format) cost SEK 400:- for personal use.*

- If the image(s) are to be used for commercial purpose, please contact me for an offer.

*Personal use means that you can print the image and use it for non-commercial, non public purpose. It may not be distributed for free or sold without the written permission from the photographer. All rights to the image(s) are reserved by the photographer and owner of the pictures.

The Aviation Photographer E-book.

Curious about aviation photography or are you already in to aviation photography but you aren’t quite happy with how your pictures turn out?

Then this book is for you! In this e-book, we try and answer the very basic aviation photography questions such as what camera equipment you should get and what camera settings you should use, and we describe the planning it takes to take your photography to the next level.

Price: €15,00

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