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Flygfesten, Dala-Järna 2015

Location: Dala-Järna, Sweden

Closest City/town: Borlänge, Sweden

Spotter tickets: Yes

Website: http://www.flygfesten.com/

Flygfesten at Dala-Järna is a very special air show that takes place once every three years. What makes it so special is that the spectators get very close to the air planes on the ground as the air field used is very small. It's actually so small that none of the jet planes participating in the show lands on the air filed, they land at a larger air filed about an hours drive away.

The air show is organized by the local flying club at the village of Dala-Järna and it's an even where the whole community pulls together to make it a very god event indeed.

Nice, friendly people and a good mix of planes flying during t he air show and at night, they have a party with bands playing and food and beer being served.

Though the village of Dala-Järna is located pretty much in the middle of nowhere, this is one of the best Air Shows in Sweden and one that I really recommend you visit if you have the chance.

Team 16, Harvard

Team 16, Harvard

Team 16, Harvard, 4-ship formation. Swedish Air Force Historic Flight and Nordic Warbirds.