Ostrava NATO Days 2014 - Jörgen Nilsson Photography


Ostrava NATO Days 2014

Location: Leoš Janáček Airport, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Closest City/town: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Spotter tickets: No

Website: http://www.natodays.cz/

The Ostrava NATO Days is not an Air Show, it's more of an Armed Forces event, including both armoured vehicles, air planes, police forces and other NATO related activities. But it turned out to be the event with the highest quality air displays and best photo opportunity all year.

For me, who likes large and loud jet planes, the lack of large display teams, propeller planes and civilian air planes,  this was a true delight to experience. yes, there were some waiting between the air displays, but it was worth the wait.

Mig 29, F-15, F-16 and JAS39C Gripen accompanied by a  SAAB Sk35C Draken and the mighty SAAB AJ37 Viggen from the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight made this event spectacular.

This is an event that attracts a lot of spectators and getting in and out of the event area by car, takes a while. Get there early and expect it to take a long time before you get out.

From a photography point of view, avoid the general exhibition area and walk around the area to get to the other side. The walk is well worth the pictures you get.

SAAB Formation