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Swedish Air Force Air Show 2016

Location: Malmen, Sweden

Closest City/town: Linköping, Sweden

Spotter tickets: Yes

Website: http://www.forsvarsmakten.se/sv/aktuellt/uppvisningar-och-evenemang/huvudflygdagar-2016/

The 2016 Swedish Air Force main Air Show celebrated the 90th birthday of the Swedish Air Force. The event took place at Malmen air base in Linköping, a place that is regarded as the birth place of the Swedish Air force.

As always, airplanes from the start of the air force to the most current ones participated, together with some international guests from Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, USA and the Czech republic.

The oldest flying airplane in the show was a replica of the Ö1 Tummelisa (Thumbelina), a Swedish built trainer airplane that was in service in the Swedish Air Force between 1919 and 1935.

The flying line up consisted of F-18, the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight's line up of SAAB aircraft such as the Tunnan, Draken and Viggen, Hawker Hunter, SAAB 105 L-159 Alca, C-130 and of course the SAAB JAS 39C Gripen.

From an airplane photographer's point of view, this was the best air show all year long! The organizers had pretty much catered to most of our requests, allowing us access to a spectacular photo area. This, together with a couple of days of good weather (rain on Sunday though) ensured that we all got some really great pictures with us home.

We can only hope that the organizers of next year's event will provide just as good photo opportunities.