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Air Show Reviews

This is where I will post reviews from the air shows that I visit around the world, providing both images and information from the events.

My goal is to provide useful information, should you consider  visiting any of these events in the future.

If there are any Air Show organizers reading this, I want to take the opportunity to make a few comments/suggestions on things to improve for us Aviation Photographer.

First, we are aviation photographers, not spotters. This means that location is one of our prime concerns both in relation to the sun and to the air planes, key items in getting good photos. If you aren't sure where to place us, please ask us and we'll gladly give all the help we can. If we get good pictures, your event will get good PR.

Those of us who take this seriously, will pay to get got spots to take pictures from. We spend a lot of time and money travelling and buying camera equipment, so we want to be able to get the best pictures possible. And if it cost money, those not serious about aviation photography will not come.

Please don't make us do the "march of death" to get to the photo location. We have a lot of heavy camera equipment to carry and if you take a look at us as a group, you'll quickly discover that we are not young Olympic athletes.

If you can, organize a "Golden Hour photo session" at the event. Sunsets makes air planes look even better!

Please place toilets and food vendors close to us. We don't have time (or the stamina) to walk two miles  to get food and/or go to the bathroom. 

Don't allow ladders or limit the places where ladders may be used, in the designated photo area. Some photographers (with ladders) have a hard time grasping the concept of "place the tall ones at the back".